Cinema cing

My ‘fascination’ of watching cinema on big screens was not explored until I came to undergrad. YES, somehow the feeling of sitting ‘alone’ in the darkness along with chiliad other soles, owning the bijou is indisputably tantalizing. Sitting jam-packed in an over thousand capacitated, yet tongue-tied theatre to watch an engrossing play is an opportunity that I’nt miss. The joy of subconscious coziness  and comfort of sitting amidst a huge mob of strangers where everyonez connected through reel projection ,responding alike is an absolute fun. Be it drama, action, romance, comedy, fantasy, fiction, thriller or horror , eye gorging the whole view of the screen  in the sub normal atmospheric temperature  on a bright day feels Utopia. Discussing the movie with a perfect companion in close whispers, enjoying a snack in the break , tucking in into the seat to feel more warmth, carried away by the unrealistic dance and happenings on the screen – are some of the  major players in the overall awesomeness.  Not to forget the best part -the unsaid mass organization of walking out slowly with a preoccupied mind which remains engaged till a ray of sunshine hits your face .


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