When the systems went down

It was a play time for all the students of II/IV & III/IV IT Btech students on Tuesday morning session i..e 24th january.Wondering why?Here’s the story.

 It was the file structures lab for a few students of II/IV btech and an extra testing tools lab for the whole of a III/IV btech,making the lab strength around 90 whose capacity is 60.Though started with initial disturbaces ,the lab went on a smooth silent sail for nearly an hour and a half.And the time arrived ,when the lab management  had decided to switch on the air conditioners units making the students fortunate.

 And finally the never switched on cooling units consumed power,putting their compressors to work.Before none could observe and feel the work and the coolness of airconditioners ( though they made the sounds as that of  heavy load vehicles ),there was a power cut making the  lab dark.Slowly  murmers and whispers of the students started breaking the initial silence there by making the lab a discussion spot of various topics.Initially,there was  no momentum in the joy of the students as they expected the power within few minutes which would happen generally.

 But the prolonged dimness changed the routine of the lab there by making the situation topsy turvy–where the lecturers were found in their respective chairs,programmers round the servers,technicians round the air conditioners & the students round the chairs .After an initial power cut for nearly 30 minutes,the lab has had its power which could run all its lights & systems.But the destiny couldn’t withstand  against the students fortune,as the systems couldn’t link themselves to the server,disabling the students to perform their programs for the rest of the time.Sensing the time,the students went on their unusual lab work of playing with the desktops of the computer and chatting with their friends.

 All the students enjoyed subtley in their own way,as this is an once in a while chance after all !!!

 However ,the experiment to observe the working of the air conditioners was a success though the systems were a FAILURE.


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