How to write a post in telugu

I wanted to maintain a single blog to post both my telugu and english material. I did quite a research on google with answers concluding that one cannot type/write a post in telugu on, while explaining the differences between and

However, I figured out a way irrespective of the plugin ..whatever crap thats meant to be required. Follow the steps below, for google is a lot more than we think of :D.

1. Select the required the language of interest and download the ‘transliteration’ installer of google.

2. Install it and BOOM .. u have it.

3.After installation u can see a small icon on the status bar at bottom right hand corner of the screen. It enables to choose between english and the language typing installer that u’ve just installed by following the above simple 2 step process.

It not only enables you to write a post, BUT also totally changes your typing language. Whatever u type,where ever u type it would be the language that you’ve chosen to type in.

Say goodbye to maintaining multiple bogs or self hosting blogs to be able to post in multiple languages 😀


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