Wake on LAN

Use case :
To sleep/wake-up  a lappy.  In my case I had my laptop solely connected to my TV. I wake it up when I want to watch TV/net and make it sleep otherwise.  I didn’t want to go till there ..open the lid.. press the power button to wake / sleep it. And here’s the solution. 

Wifii… Wifii enabled laptop… smart phone with a depicus app .. smart on the Wifii subnet as the lappy.

How to do??

Open network and sharing center at the right hand side bottom of the desktop where the Wifii symbol is present.

Under connect/disconnect section ..select local area connection.

Click details in the new window that opens and copy down the Mac..IP..description of the laptop

To ensure ur PC can actually awake from the LAN ..check the network adapter ..for this..Goto my computer..select device manager..select network adapters..and double click on the adapter by the name of the description u copied down earlier.

Double click on the adapter for properties ..select power management ..check all the boxes ..

Now use ur smart fone ..with the depicus app..

Fill in all the required details

Boom.s.wake ur system up with ur smart fone remote

Ref: maximum Pc



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