The ant and the GrassHopper

We had an English literature lesson back in high school questioning the morale of the age old story ‘the ant and the grasshopper’ inferring that hard work need not always payback, for fate and luck can change it all. Being in early adolescence back then, the story was just perceived to be a fun narration suggesting to be wise in dealing with practicality of fate. As years passed by growing into adulthood, the essence of the tale appeared more visible in the broader approach of life. This parable always hits my thought especially when I hear/read/see the complications of human relations. Any relationship is based on a simple give and take rule.. be it affection /love / help / dependency / money. No other association apart from mother to child and dog to master  is exception to this. When the give and take of any sought between 2 individuals involved in any relation is of imbalance, remedies should immediately and strictly be sought to set the situation right.

If looking at the ant and the grasshopper story in the lines of human emotions n relations :

The story :
Ant and grasshopper are married. Grasshopper is not as committed to the relation as is the ant. Ghop spends most of the committed active life by working its own way out irrespective of the ants concern/comfort while the ant desperately tries to find a common point of comfort by adjusting/mending itself to the needs and deeds of the nonchalant spouse. Years pass by with no change in the scenario. The adjusting ant becomes frustrated /depressed with no hope. Finally one fine day the un-yileding Ghop realises,repents,apologizes and confronts and takes all the blame for the mis-happenings. The good ant gains supreme honor and is obliged to forgive. The Ghop had spent its whole life enjoying and by simply apologizing at the end ,while the ant has led a miserable irreversible life – gaining useless honor.


Though there’s honor to the forgiving one.. it doesn’t bring back the past to re-live the way it deserved. Realisation at the final stages is not acceptable for it is of no practical value nor sense. One should give up when the threshold to tolerance is met rather than waiting on hope to play its role. There’s no dignity and affection in love that is abused. One should be wise in choosing a friend/ partner, if not they should atleast be wise in knowing when to give it up and move-on rather than investing their time and affection on the hopeless.


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