Ramayanam Unknown

                                        Sri Rama Pattabhishekam ; Courtesy : Bapu portrait that i bought 😀

Ramayanam has always been a stereotyped narration of Lord rama winning over Ravana for his lady love. The well known pre-war episode which is so called ramayanam dealt with all the moralities and personalities of a human : obeying son rama, benevolent wife sita, sincere brother laxmana, faithful anjaneya, responsible bharat satrugna, stubborn kaikei, dogmatic ravana. This plot depicts the rules ..roles..responsibilities ..duties ..derived positively from each of the characters. Thus, was never particularly interested in learning about the same old story of morals. Recently I started looking at ramayam all together in a different angle. Ramadas songs about rama, bapu portraits of ramayanam, excerpts of the epic started catching my interest unknowingly. And this grew exponentially after watching bapus latest flick ‘Sri Rama Rajyam’. Forget about  some of the actors who were extremely odd playing lead roles, especially the one portraying lord rama who looked older than bhaktha sabari  (pun intended) and the children casted for luv,kusa who did job more than required.


                                                   Seeta swayamvaram ; Courtesy: Sri Rama Rajyam ( movie )

The post-war episode about the after-math of ramas return and swearing in as king delineates the essence of true affections amongst the beautifully woven personae. Its not just the morals that gets you, but the internal meaning of believing in and living for the beloved creeps through ur veins and fills ur brain.The affection between rama and sita as they long for each other is un-explainable. Their belief in the worth of personal life by being able to surrender to one another where true love starts in that unconditional giving, is a great formula for a classic relationship. Brotherly love amongst rama-laxmna-bharatha-satrugna where they wish n work for best of each other ;Anjaneyas helpless desperation to prevent Sita from being sent to the forests;valmikis warmth in providing Sita a second home; Bhudevi furious with ayodhya for making her daughter bhumijas life troublesome ; These are the perfect examples of perfect emotions that everybody should possess. Kith and Kin wishing for common welfare is a boon which nonbody can deny.May be I ignored looking at Ramayana this way all through these years but am glad that I re-learned Ramayana,in a more meaningful way.


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