It all depends on how and to who u bid bye. Usually one gets to express their feelings towards living beings, so you’ll get to have some acknowledgement of whether you were able to convey what you actually wanted to. But when it comes to bid bye to the non-living, things get a bit complicated. Places you move out of ; Your favorite things which wear out; Pride possessions that you loose;  –  are some stuff that can’t experience what you feel. This is just a one way relation that you build involuntarily, be it good or bad. Few such are : My first mobile, my room when am leaving home for higher studies, watch that my dad presented to me, my first workplace when am switching jobs, grad school -only  a bit, for i was eager to get out of school and earn money :D.

Probably the only place that I didn’t mind running out off, was my under grad college. I still remember both the first day and the last day of it. The first day- where I went with my father to see the college and listen to the mighty principal/chairman in awe along with 1000 other faces. I was adamant to join that college in particular for I was carried away with its (silly) reputation. The last day – where I was literally racing out of the parking lot to make sure that I’m getting out of the college early by 10 minutes at-least for one day. The first two years i was damn religious about the school and the principal was my pope. I influenced ..ahem..atleast tried to, some other juniors from high-school to join my college for its pride and prestige. Later i started looking at the dominant triviality in its grand. The meaningless discipline department, worthless staff, ridiculous rules – lured me to join the inefficient no-use student union. It was hard to hide away from my high-school juniors who i influenced to join the same undergrad school, and importantly from that one girl who was my disciple before joining the school. I well knew that she wanted to give one good punch to me with all her clout, as do I to my chairman. However, the final 2 yrs was good fun trying to bluff the management and staff, like prisoners finding their own means of entertainment eventually in their life sentence. We always wished for some general student union to call for strike on the school and pelt stones on the management. Had I had the courage back then, I would have been atleast one of the invisible Robin Hoods who were admired for pulling out the gear of vengeance.

Though my heart knows that its not nice of ones part to be immodest to others, my mind shalln’t listen to my heart and wish to teach this silly college system a good lesson where they can emphasize on sound education rather than ridiculous rules.My wish is justified. :d ..for I haven’t vent out my feeling towards my undergrad school :p

And probably there might be one more place which am..infact every Indian would be glad to come out off.. the intermediate school.. God save those poor souls from the crappy education system.


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