At times am damn busy trying to manage some of the phone calls i get and it is inconvenient to ignore any of those calls, for they are all from my near n dear.  Am always perplexed thinking of a scenario ..Hosting a major party/event in the house. When the occasion is so precious and important , where all my close friends gather to celebrate,execute the event and all of them happen to gather circumstantially – I don’t know what one usually does when ones close friends gather into a group, but I know I would definitely walk away from them. Yes I know I would strictly do that sub-consciously, so as to prevent an open heart conversation trying to derive an intersecting point for all the parallel lines. My close circle,strictly limited to roughly a half dozen is of great worth.

It’s strange to sum it up now, the scenario which has been the same since a decade – that all the persons who am best close with aren’t close with each other. Though they do know enough about each other through me, yet when it comes to their direct relationship – they are neither friends nor enemies. Am not habituated to the dynamics of groupism right from my childhood which might be a reason for why i am so customized to each of my best buddies that i would just prefer to be with one person at a time.However this anomaly isn’t the same in case of strangers,relatives and just friends,where I prefer to be in a group. Every one of my half dozen are perfectly unique in their ideas,tastes,ideologies and behavior which makes me the super set of their exclusives. Though embarrassing, their direct encounters are always fun to cherish. Few such encounters of them (ain’t gonna disclose their names though 😛 )

  • 1 and 2 had told of each other the first time they met. I wasn’t present there.
  • 1 & 3 never liked 2,but 1 never complained it to me while 3 did.
  • 4 still dismisses that am close friends with 1, 2and 3 and doesn’t acknowledge the existence of 5 & 6.
  • 5 didn’t like 1 on the first shot.
  • 1 never took 3 seriously,so did 3.
  • 1,4,5,6 are always blank faced when they hear about others.
  • 6 knows the most of everybody but is ever confused about whats pertained to who.
  • 1,3,4 never met each other and wouldn’t mind it being so for ever.
  • 4 is least bothered about everybody else.
  • everybody is equally more concerned about me when am in bad terms with all others apart from themselves .. 🙂
  • all others apart from 5 sounds irony w.r.t every body else.
  • 1 &  3 always wanted the front seat in my car
  • 6 always adjusts for the sake of others while the others don’t care for 6.

Shall update more when I see more of this . Dont know when these parallel lines would intersect !


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