Family One

I have been running at 80 miles per hour since the past 2 hrs. I know that this is way above the speed limit but yet its fun to be in the race. Though am speeding at higher levels than the others, some how my ears still show the same old Acura, Lexus & Nissan somewhere right behind me. Benz and VW who overtook me with greater speeds about 1 hr ago are also still in my vicinity. 3 more hours to hit the greater Los Angeles perimeter and the competition to overtake everybody else has been so intense, that none has had taken any stop over the past 150 miles. We’ve finally merged onto Interstate 5 , which runs all the way till SDG from SFO.  It being a long weekend, the two lane freeway is already crowded and  except for the big trailers everybody else is speeding. Every time i look to cross the benz, it blocks me and races further, thus provoking me to compete. Likewise am making sure not to give way to the Lexus & Acura who’s been trying to catch me up. Am slowly becoming outrageous and i’ve become like a crazy horse dashing through a forest of hurdles. 90 more minutes passed and the directions boards to ‘LA passenger cars’ lanes started appearing. Eventually all the trailers got separated going into ‘truck only’ lanes. All of us started racing to win the first place by making using of the new space created from the separated trucks. Our positions were quickly interchanged, however with no clear winner. Before we could determine who was the real winner amongst us, a new flood of cars joined the I-5 ‘passenger cars only’ lane from another freeway. We are back to our own scenario but with a different motive. Suddenly we all felt like one team amongst the new strangers. The bond we had for over the past few hours made us to lookout for each other. The benz which had been bullying me all the while till now, gave me way to join the fast lane ahead of it when am being stuck behind a trailer trying to find a out. Unknowingly I reflected the same to the Lexus and Nissan behind me to tuck into the main lane before they get lost in a slow lane. This togetherness we developed added more joy to our journey.  We entered LA and all the roads leading more into the city looked like huge streams of ants rushing into their colony. Nissan started merging to the right most lanes and it bothered me about why he’s shifting away.It felt like a farewell. Nissan has apparently taken an exit.. a Gas Exit. The boards of Gas Exit alarmed me hard to check my status. Guess i have a bigger belly with a few extra gallons which hopefully should be sufficient to reach the destination. Eventually i’ve seen the acura stuck in the traffic through my rear view. We felt like new born puppies being taken away forever which were together only for a while. And more later the views of Lexus and Benz were also dissolved in the closing sun as we roved through the city highway.

Though we aren’t connected directly, the short span of 5 hrs where we came along all the way from SFO till LA, made us somehow feel that we are attached to each other. Be it through competing, blocking or helping , we felt like a global family.  May be this was what James was trying to convey through avatar .. One Family where everyone is  connected through one Mother.. Nature.







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