2013 :  Yay ! Exams .. I adore exams … now, after 5 yrs past my undergrad. Unlike a job interview,  a standard exam shall have restricted syllabus and thus anything twisted or ‘just a point away’ can still get you free marks in-spite of being a blame.

BUT .. Taking an exam in  2008 :

8.10 am : Walking lighter to the bus stop, nothing to carry except for a pen and a hall ticket. Feeling obtusely happy to be relived off carrying a bag.

8.13 am: Scumbag gang is with books in hands today rather being blaring n bullish.  My turn today to be loud and annoying.

8.15 am:  Board college bus and everybody is ‘heads in books’ . Hmm ! More confident now, but not sure what to do.

8.25 am: Bus detouring to pick up an other pack of overflowing students off the other bus.  Yeah,  I like it. Dozen chicks board the bus with books in hands. Now I don’t see who the long hair chick is, with all her tresses draping her bowed neck and face.  All through out the journey not once she raised her head away from the book, looks like she doesn’t mind being robbed off anything except for her book.

8.50 am : Reach college- got down the bus- lost the long hair girl in the student crowd. Run to 3 different buildings to finally find my correct room in the jumble seating arrangement. Audi (my best pal) always falls in the same room.  We both gather to study for the last 10 mins.

8.55 am : A fellow student runs to me asking for an answer to a random question. Now I utilize my afore built-up confidence to give an assuring reply. Fellow student goes away and I look at Audi for an answer to that random question.  Feels happy for myself and sad for the poor soul who ran away with my version of the answer. Warning bell rings and we go in to be seated for the exam.

9.00 am: Final bell rings. The big batch of pompous invigilators starts throwing away question papers and answering sheets onto our faces. I commend my luck  for being seated between two babes.

9.03 am : I go through the question paper and gain confidence that no body is going to do the exam well along with me, for all the questions look strange and new.  Search for Audi in the room and we share the wicked smile. Confidence re-assured.

9.05 am: The girl to my right is already 2 pages away scribbling  answers. And the one to my left, is in the same limbo as i am. So, I’m in resonance-to-flirt with the one on to my left. Sketches a plan to approach her by helping her with the answers which am not sure of either.

9.07 am: Plan fails, as she doesn’t lift her head towards me, like the long hair savant in the bus. Give up for now. I start writing with good artistic strokes in cursive.

10.00 am: Filled up a big number of 4 pages with all the answers i know of. The shrew to my right is amidst a pile of papers, asking for more to jot down while the one to the left is at snails pace still writing the first page. Looks like my ‘future  date’ is helpless to be helped.

10.04 am: Go through the question paper again struggling to find more questions that i know of, with an answer. Hopeless ! Looks at Audi to share the same-state-wicked smile again. Am ditched ! Audi is busy scribbling away answers as well.  Goes into deep-thought of how Audi can do that to me.

10.06 am: Human mind has a concept of ‘Denial’. When something unpleasant/unacceptable happens, the mind subsequently works to move away from it by finding an other source of ‘happy-to-think’ stuff. Which is why all humans can recover/forget sorrows, as the mind  surfs through the thoughts of happy waves. Looks like my mind has already entered the state of ‘Denial’, for I’ve started looking at other students who are seeking permission to go out for water and loo.  By seeing them am having a voluntary urge for thirst and urinal as well, but feeling equally lazy to go. Moreover the scribbler to the right seems not to allow me go past her, even in the case of earthquake/fire/floods/snakes whatever. Didn’t want to disturb my leftie-hottie as well for i might slower her down from finishing off her first page ever.

10.15 am: The guy in front of me who left the room 10 mins back hasn’t come back! WHY ?!? passed out ? ran away from exam? still referring to his cheat-sheets ? robbed ? died ?  eloped?  I cant think of any more.  Resume to invent answers to the unknown questions.

11.05 am: Eureka! Even am amidst heap of papers that i’ve filled up with my intellect. Our bench is deluging with all the sheets of paper that my rightie and I have accumulated, thus rightie is infuriated with  my competence. Okay, Come-on you douche-bag ,its not my sole fault if you don’t have place to bring in more papers ! And I kick the desk hard setting a jolt with which all the things fall off the place.

11.17 am: I won over the rightie by collecting all my papers off the ground first and setting one more hard jolt making her pile go off the desk, which she has been making yet. The leftie seems untouched by our mess.

11.45 am: Look around through the room and finds Audi smiling at me. My ‘black shadow’ insisted me not to reflect the smile, hence i turn my back to him and starts pretending to scribble, sending my beacons of apathy.

11.55 am: Lost my tying-thread in the streak of jolts that i’ve set earlier and have nothing now to tie the answer sheets to a bunch. The leftie, tied up her only paper to itself. Blockhead, not sure how you came so far in your academics. Rightie is searching for her starnd as well. Ah! I found it,rightie 😛 .

11.57 am: I generously knotted my bunch.Rightie was still searching vigorously for her strand, that i found and used :D.

12.00 pm:  Rightie is upset and looks at me forlorn. Muhahaha , I’m sorry, i’m with leftie. I turn in my bunch and the last page looked upside down. Experience concussion, for am not sure of how many papers are upside down and are out of order. I cringe and am dumb folded.

12.03 pm: Mind in state of denial again, looking for the leftie who’s not in the room anymore.


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