Fb & Me !

At 27 yrs with a graduate degree in hand, i’m still holding a Facebook account. I’m aware of all the worst things that FB does. But i still use it for one purpose that beats all of its bad and prove itself worthy [in being more useless]. The purpose being the stupidity of enjoying the fellow stupidity. Pretending to be an inactive user while actually and actively stalking all the peer posts of ‘social media mania’ is undisputedly the new quirk of  all not-really-inactive f-bukers. Social Media mania has taken many of the pride-wanting souls to the next level of attention-seekingness. Ice-bucket challenge stands as the proof-of-century for this social weakness of attention-seekingness.I should admit that i almost did ice-bucket to donate, rather than just donate.Though i did neither!  I instead took pride in saying that i saved drought-struck-california from an extra bucket of water (forgetting the actual cause – to donate).

There can be no other joy that beats the joy of enjoying peer-stupidty [for u r a proven stupid too, for enjoying the fellow stupidity]. Never-mind admitting self-stupidity and I still whole-heartedly ‘like’ [as in fb like]  all the posts of my friends who post hour-to-hour stuff of their personal lives from ‘proposal fotos[of an arranged marriage] – to – their frustration on constipation causing foods ! ‘.  The more likes they get, the more they post and a lot more i have something to laugh at! I understand that it might be mean to do so, but all goodness and no mean-ness can make jack a dull boy [muaahhahaha!! ]. 

Sorry for the poor souls, who try their best in posting all the variety they could cater and still get no likes. I really want to commend their efforts by offering them a ‘sympathy-like’. But the fear of seeing them posting more and flooding my home page overtakes me.

The passive-obligations my close pals put on me when they post – is my morally complicated situation. I ‘compulsive like’ and only my god knows my prayers to not bring me to test :D.

The active-obligations where my boss is friends with me on fb and post all crap testing my liking-ness, so that he can decide if i deserve a raise. I offer my ‘hike-desparate like’ with no second thoughts.

The genuine active spirits who are ever active in both real life and on fb, and who already have 352718363947272 ‘likes’ for whatever they posted. I give them my ‘hail u -like’ ,though i’m not cared for my ‘like’, which is lost in their 352718363947273 likes. I personally dislike these genuine spirits as they put pressure on me for ‘not being able to be like them’ , on top of not-caring for my ‘like’. 

The ‘enforced-like’ is a never ending devil loop initiated by people who ‘like’ all my ‘likes‘. They pursue me consistently by liking all my ‘likes’  and pushing me to eventually like theirs. This can be dangerous where the person doing this is ur girl-friend or ur sibling [ posting un-likable junk].  

The fb ‘like’ button haunts me at  all possible websites, never letting me forget it. Sin once made has its account forever, as does the fb account once opened will have u forever.People with no-facebook stand at the top of my inspiration list. God made them unyieldingly powerful from eating the forbidden-apple. I bow my head down with shame when they take pride in not having an account. But still, they never know the joy of  stupidity in enjoying the fellow stupidity.



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