Disclaimer: Word ‘Stupid’ is used 24 times in the following article. Be prepared to be annoyed by its over-usage.  

I’ve grown up. I might have been a stupid when am a kid. But now I see others stupid, that is how i know i’ve grown up.A grownup  cannot be stupid  because he knows for sure that others are stupid [but not he].

This is what stupidity can do to you – To be stupid to not think you are stupid. And I’m self-inculcating this new art lately .. the art of Stupidity! Or may be i pose it congenitally [like you], which i’m realizing through every means of my thoughts & actions. The best part is that i’m learning to be okay with it [and with myself] and enjoy the natural phenomenon of human stupidity.

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.” – Albert Einstein

With knowledge comes great wisdom. Forget about wisdom, but definitely knowledge does leave you with a perplexion whether u r growing wiser or stupider. May be its something to do with the sort of knowledge one is gaining. Right education and uniform knowledge is required to stay in sync with the fellow wise. When this information input varies among people, there can be a unique result for every unique brain algorithm  -giving birth to the concept of stupidity. It is more relative than absolute, as nobody is perfectly wise nor stupid.

Especially with the diaspora of present generations, the conflicts of ideologies,principles and opinions are out growing leading to the ambiguity of doubting ones fundamentals. And this can be a solace situation where a fundamental of not following your fundamentals in question can become a bond.

You looked a little bit smarter when your stupidity lessened a lot.
― Toba Beta

Stupid max is our present day education. For it is meant not to enlighten oneself [ though i exactly dont know what it is for] . As per todays’ norm, intellects are people who master the subjects of mathematics, science and economics and management. All the greatest of scientists who facilitated all our technological conveniences are intellects, for giving us cars,mobiles,air conditioners, airplanes,medicines, electricity,hybrid food etc. We just admire them with heart and soul for they made our lives easiest ever. Some really are the best that mankind could ever be gifted. But most of them are cleverly stupid to make us stupid in not realizing what they really mean to the future. Almost all the conveniences we enjoy are not without a side-effect. From gadgets to food to medicine, everything manufactured leaves  a nasty mark on the environment forever in its production. May be i like sci-fi movies for this reason where i’m curious to knw about what happens to the earth in the future.

You cannot argue stupidity, you just have to accept it patiently as one of those things.” ― Nevil Shute

Stupid might be the ideas of : Electricity without coal, plastics which are decomposable, automobiles without pollution, hybrid yield without being genetically modified, paper without cutting down trees, Processed foods without artificial ingredients. Or  Maybe all the greatest of scientist are stupids in not being able to invent such stuff with no alternating effects. May be they were just happy that they could invent something. And we sure are stupids to accept them for they are making our present day lives easier, leaving the mess to future to deal with it.

Ignorance is blissBut nothing is leaving me ignorant. Information [offcourse and undoubtedly useless/helpless information ] be it necessary or un-necessary is flowing to me in all possible directions. I can imagine a day without water,but not without internet. It drenches me with information depriving me of blissful ignorance.

And that is when i treat my stupid self to stupid-joy in browsing stupid-entertainment sites. All is Well [ till u goto hell] .



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